Are you at a "road junction" or being challenged at this moment?

For youths, you may be trying to figure out your identity and strengths to determine your place in this world.

For working professionals, you may struggle to find joy or harmony at work/home in your pursuit of achievements.

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Do you need some inspiration or wisdom to apply to your life?

There are certain philosophies, principles and processes that help us in our circumstances. We need to seek and apply them to live a purposeful life. You can find simple and succinct words of wisdom and knowledge in this page HERE.




Gratitude is an important virtue that all of us need to carry all of the time (more essential than our mobile phones). The word is derived from the Latin root gratia, meaning grace, graciousness, or gratefulness. There is so much advice surrounding gratitude such as "counting your blessings", "giving thanks in all circumstances", "thinking of what you have, not what you don't have", "finding joy in your everyday life", etc. Almost all religions encourage cultivating gratitude in all their believers.

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Travel Gallery

Do you love to travel?

Travelling expands our horizons and increases our world knowledge and appreciation of diversity.

By spending time and money on experiences such as travels rather than things, it also deepens our gratitude and sparks joy in our lives. Click HERE to see the world wonders from the eyes of Raymond Tay.