Your emotional health status can determine your success in both personal and professional lives. Without a doubt, if you get stressed out or worry about things easily, you cannot perform at your best and be productive on your goals. Emotional stability can lead you to better decisions and outcomes. Better emotional health means you have higher energy, think clearly, more optimistic, relate well with others, etc. Leaders without good emotional health are more likely to disengage their team members with their anger and fail to inspire or develop others.

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3 Ways to Turn Pessimism into Optimism


There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity. We are now in a season of pandemic but it is not unprecedented in our human history. We have been through several plaques and pandemics like leprosy, black death, and smallpox in the past. There is a time for illness and a time for wellness or healing. Eventually, humanity will triumph and be stronger. That way of thinking is being optimistic. Optimism is a choice that we make, likewise being pessimistic.

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Reconstructing your mind to be optimistic in 3 simple ways

Who Raymond Helps

I sought out collaborative change to help me stop smoking. I had one hypno session with Raymond and gave up that day, that was over two months ago and I haven’t slipped once. I will defo be a returning customer to focus on other things I would like to improve! I would highly recommend collaborative change for anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives but don’t know where to start and need a helping hand!

- Laura

Hey Raymond, just wanted to share some small wins and improvements, in hopes they can become a win streak for the days to come, until I walk into the next door: March 2021. Managed to be part of the 5am club, although only on 3 hours of sleep, eeks, then clocked in a morning cycle to the beach, had some nature venture, and completed a few spiritual goals and readings. Was moved to be more conscious of my interactions with my family as well. Thank you once more! Hahah I wasnt expecting results with such mindfulness/ hypnotherapy and the sharings you shared ytd is still ringing in my head, the 3 subsets to conquer optimism and remembering Hellen Keller.

- N.

Of all the courses I have taken, this was the most interesting. Well Done, Raymond Tay! The course was delivered in a very practical way. The trainer is conducted it in an effective way. Excellent job and lots of fun that comes with it.

- Participant of "Developing Your Emotional Intelligence" Course

Very useful, the topic was covered well to help/enable staff to effectively manage conflict. I like the process/management of conflicts, puzzle and fall (trusting each other).

- Participant of "Managing Conflicts for Effective Teams" Course