Brief Introduction of Raymond Tay

For more than a decade, I have been involved in human capital development and community service. My passion is to uncover humans’ talents and aspirations, and help people to improve their competencies and performance in their personal and professional lives. I believe in continuous learning and applies new knowledge and creativity in my work.

In my course of work, I had coached youths-at-risk during their time-out programmes to develop confidence and certainty in their lives, as well as instilling empathy and other-centredness in student leaders. Besides involving in youth development, I have worked with numerous organisations from both public and private sectors and delivered many tailored evidence-based learning solutions for adult learners in the areas of leadership, creativity & innovation, personality, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and team building. Past participants had described me as knowledgeable, engaging and humorous.

I hold an Executive MSc in Industrial Organizational Psychology and Management of Human Resources from City University of New York and am awarded with Beta Gamma Sigma (for excellent academic results). I graduated from National University of Singapore with Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) and also obtained other qualifications such as Diploma in Business Process & Systems Engineering (Gold Medal), Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment (ACTA), IHRP Certified Professional (IHRP-CP), Learning & Performance Consulting, Certified EQ Practitioner, Certified Behavioural Consultant, The Student Leadership Challenge Certified Facilitator, etc.

Choose your area of discovery with me:


1. Personality Discovery

We are predictably different. There are distinct archetypes that each of us falls into. Our personality and behaviours are driven by a number of factors like our thoughts, emotions and values. With a personality or behavioural profiling, it will help you them to discover your strengths, motivators and limitations. With such knowledge, you can apply in areas such as making career choices, appreciating diversity, enhancing communication with peers and building effective relationships with others.


2. Emotional Intelligence Discovery

Emotional Intelligence or Quotient (EQ) is one of the top ten skills needed to thrive in 2020 according to World Economic Forum. “Human” skills such as EQ are increasingly important in this Fourth Industrial Revolution for collaboration and concern for others. The ability to connect and develop collaborative relationships is one of the competencies in Emotional intelligence. Emotional stability helps individuals to navigate through uncertain and challenging situations. Some people may be naturally more emotional intelligent than others. You will be equipped with with the key pursuits and competencies of Emotional Intelligence.


3. Leadership Discovery

Leaders create cultures and provide both strategic and operational directions for their people. They set standards and influence others to achieve greater heights. There are some universal attributes that all leaders should possess such as inspiring, forward-looking, honest and resilient but different situations call for different styles such as task-oriented, relationship-oriented, autocratic, democratic and collaborative. With self-assessment and feedback, you will increase your self-awareness and uncover blind spots.

Administrative Matters

Each discovery session is 1 hour. The maximum group size is 4 people. The session can be held at your convenience, ensuring that the venue is conducive for reflection and discussion.

Limited to two sessions per week. Priority is given to more committed individuals. 

A consultation fee is chargeable for each session. It may be pro bono for individuals who are in financial difficulty.

If you have a larger group or looking for a full-day programme, you can highlight in the comments below.

Remember to leave your contact information and discovery preference below. I will get in touch with you shortly.


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